Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF November 7 – 1 3, 2022

You’re famous for your compassion, but under an activating clash between piercing Venus in Scorpio and solemn Saturn in your unconscious twelfth house this Monday, November 7, you might blurt out something a little more severe than intended. Ouch! If someone solicits feedback, try to discern how much will be helpful and what might derail someone’s confidence. If you have harsher advice, wrap it in a “praise sandwich,” where you lead—and end—with sincere compliments, tucking the tough stuff in between. Don’t be so focused on accomplishing a mission that you lose sight of the subtle but important social pleasantries that keep the professional wheels greased. Rather than lead off a conversation with what needs to be done, take a minute to say hello and ask how the other person is doing! Small kindnesses that you bestow will come back to you tenfold near Thursday when Venus trines your ruler, magic maker Neptune.

Alliances could shift faster than an episode of Survivor this Tuesday, when the year’s only Taurus full moon—also a transformational lunar eclipse—illuminates your third house of communication and socializing. Like-minded folks could come crawling out of the woodwork, but to make the most of these potential partnerships, think cooperatively and try not to view them as competition or a threat! A collaboration you’ve been involved with for a while might reach a turning point or maybe you’ve exhausted its potential. Ease out with gratitude, then follow Taurus’s goal-oriented lead and set up your NEXT set of intentions. Over the coming two weeks, you could serendipitously “bump into” talented, inspirational people whose skills dovetail with your own. But don’t wait for them to arrive out of the blue. Plant yourself where these folks are likely to be hanging out. If you’ve gotten a bit insular with your friend circles or are tired of frequenting the same old venues, this lunar lift can widen your horizons and spur you to graze on new turf. 

But just as you’re raring to go on a project or new collaboration, you might be placed on a cosmic ground delay this Friday. The Scorpio Sun is lighting up your nomadic ninth house and all systems are go—on YOUR end—but a restraining square from cautious Saturn in your reflective twelfth house can cut your engines. While you probably can’t do anything to change the situation before the weekend, you can shift your perspective and your reaction. It’s possible that there are things happening behind the scenes that you aren’t privy to. Take the time now to review, reevaluate and reconsider. You might decide to cut bait and go fish in another stream. However, if upon further analysis you choose to proceed with this, use this brief “hiatus” to get all your ducks in a row. Be grateful for this opportunity to conduct further due diligence and be willing to compromise in the name of accomplishing your grander goals. It’s also possible that you will go further with this—but not with the original crew. Flexibility is the ace up your sleeve!


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