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June 24, 2023

There are times when you succeed by pure happenstance, but Saturday’s skies imply that you can score a win thanks to your hard work. The diligent Virgo moon is soaring through your ambitious tenth house and turbocharging inventive Uranus in your industrious sixth house, prompting you to put your shoulder to the wheel and monotask. The end zone—and the brass ring you’ve been reaching for—is closer than ever! Don’t let anyone get under your skin on Sunday, Sagittarius. Because of a complicated entanglement between verbal Mercury in your interpersonal camp and murky Neptune in your moody fourth house, your attempts to convey your sincere emotions to someone close to you could fall flat—or even blow up in your face. You might believe you’re making yourself totally clear, and then later, you find out that your words were misunderstood. For now, it’s a safer bet to wait and let the situation unfold naturally, without trying to explain where you’re coming from. You can give it a shot when the smoke blows over next week.

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