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WEEK OF July 24 – 3 0, 2023

Ready, set, goals! If you’ve been a little distracted lately, Water Bearer, you will appreciate the activating energy that the Scorpio quarter moon brings this Tuesday, July 25. Scorpio rules your professional tenth house, and this mid-cycle lunation can help you focus your attention on tangible achievements. But because quarter moons are balancers not initiators, this one is more appropriate for project management than starting brand-new projects. With the eagle-eyed focus these Scorpio moonbeams bring, you could map out the whole mission from start to finish, delineating all the steps you’ll need to take to get from Point A to Z.

Make sure your timeline and budget are realistic, and while you’re “taking inventory,” make a list of all the helpful people who could aid your ascent. Then schedule some power lunches and coffee dates to revitalize these relationships. And since fair’s fair, how can YOU lend support to someone who had your back recently? No one makes it to the top by themselves, Aquarius—something your team-spirited sign knows well.

It won’t only be the obvious, aboveboard things that capture your interest this week. On Friday, curious Mercury wings into Virgo and your eighth house, AKA your chamber of secrets. Your attention may be hijacked by an irresistible fascination with life’s mysteries and enigmas until October 4. This transit is almost triple the usual duration, thanks to the messenger planet’s three-week retrograde from August 23 to September 15. During this time, it’s the things that aren’t said or acknowledged that will be far more intriguing than the actual words people utter. Get good at picking up on other cues as well, like body language and facial expressions. When you’re talking to someone, do they lean in (interest) or back away (resistance)? To hit the perfect level of engagement, adjust your language or intensity accordingly.


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Buzzing through your erotic eighth house, Mercury can turn you into one sultry siren. And you won’t need a Ouija board to know when there’s legit chemistry brewing with someone. But even if you sense a mutual attraction, don’t be in too much of a hurry to act on it. A slow, crescendoing seduction is at least as much fun as the conquest. Really take your time and “vet” all suitors and would-be lovers with extra scrutiny during the retrograde from August 23 to September 15. A physical attraction can be hard to resist, but it could also pull you down the kind of fixating (or wound-licking) rabbit hole you’d be wise to avoid in the first place.

If you know you want someone who can meet you on a mental, emotional and soulful level, don’t give the wannabes a pass. People tend to reveal their true colors pretty quickly, so don’t intentionally go into denial about obvious red flags. Hold out for the deluxe package. Attached? You and your boo will probably crave more time to connect privately and share your secret worlds. Just don’t let jealousy feelings fester. Talk to your wise and grounded friend who knows you and your partner—and can talk you down off the ledge!

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