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WEEK OF July 24 – 3 0, 2023

Racing to the finish line—again—Sagittarius? While you might get done more quickly that way and have time to squeeze in more activities, you lose a lot of the sweet juiciness in the process. It also means you could inadvertently skip some important steps or wind up with a less-impressive final product. But you’ll be reminded of the value of taking a very different approach on Tuesday, July 25, when a focused Scorpio quarter moon in your mystical twelfth house inspres you to downshift and savor the unfolding of your dreams. Especially if a project or plan isn’t coming together with the flourish you were hoping for, consider giving it a longer incubation process.

Everything needs light and air to grow, Archer, so don’t indulge feelings of being a “failure” even for one second if you don’t crush it out of the gate. The manifestation process takes time, and as you get comfortable operating at a slower speed, you may experience an unfamiliar sensation: a swell of strong emotions bubbling up to consciousness—you know, the ones you do your best to suppress. The other potential gift of this equalizing quarter moon is that once you give in to a good cry or pillow-punching session, you’ll feel lighter, clearer and rejuvenated. And being well-rested means being receptive, which is step one for forging a soul-deep connection with the muse.

You may feel like the universe is sending you mixed messages starting this Friday. Just as you’re getting the hang of slowing down and savoring each moment, buzzy Mercury blazes into Virgo and your career-oriented tenth house until October 4 and waves the checkered flag. You’ve been revving your engines for a while, and this is the signal you’ve been waiting for. And from Friday through August 23, it IS go time. Professional synergies may spark quickly, so be prepared to act on a moment’s notice—or less. Regard all interactions as potential business deals, steering conversations toward synergistic ideas and shared values. Come up with a one-minute “elevator pitch” that describes your passion project or vision in three sentences and be prepared to deliver it on demand.


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Pro tip: Focus on what’s in it for other people. That’s what’ll keep your audience spellbound.

But from August 23 until September 15, it could be more like “hurry up and wait.” That’s because the zippy messenger planet turns retrograde for three weeks, delaying forward progress and throwing wrenches into your best-laid plans. This frustrating retrograde cycle reminds you that it’s way better to be safe than wind up sorry, meaning look both ways before you leap and make sure anything contractual that you sign is clearly worded and mutually agreed upon. Meaning, literally read the fine print!

Being so busy requires that you develop a new respect for your own precious time—it’s actually a commodity—and the only one who can accept (or decline) invitations is YOU, Sag. You may learn to be more discerning about who you say yes to. Prioritize spending time with upbeat, positive folks who stimulate your mind and soul. And think beyond your friend circles. Joining a professional organization, particularly one for people in your industry or at your level of experience, can bring a major boost. In fact, this social and super-connecting Mercury cycle can induce birds of a feather to flock together and support each other’s success.

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