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How blessed (or stressed) is your nest? This Tuesday, August 1, the annual full moon in Aquarius throws open the blinds in your domestic fourth house, revealing whatever needs to be examined. While there will definitely be heartwarming moments to look forward to, this full moon can highlight fault lines in relationships and force you to face up to some emotional conflicts. The good news is that you can finally get resolution on a long-standing family feud or roommate clash. Forget about sweeping it under the rug or stewing in your juices. Tough talks are unavoidable now, especially with harmonizer Venus snoozing in retrograde from July 22 to September 3.

For couples who live together, you may need to find a better way of divvying up responsibilities—from bill-paying to dishes-doing. With this full moon in communal Aquarius, your hosting skills could be put to good use. You might be inspired to throw an elegant dinner party. Asking friends to dress up is NOT too much; in fact, it could be the sweet spot of their summers.

Have you been mulling a move? This full moon could spur some changes, possibly breaking a lease. Playing the property game? You might finally find the perfect buyer or seller, although you may have to negotiate a little more than you’d hoped. Don’t let stubbornness stand in the way of sealing the deal! Just get every corner inspected and make sure your agent is REALLY working on your behalf.


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On Sunday, expansive Jupiter in your partnership sector squares off with the enthusiastic Sun in your house of long-range planning. Stay in the moment, Scorpio! It’s easy for your imaginative sign to spin out a fantasy so far into the future that you lose sight of the here and now, but there are good reasons to rein yourself in.

Of course, if you have a big decision to make, this one-day transit could help you think more strategically. Problem is, it’s hard to know how realistic you’re being under this starry-eyed sync-up. With Jupiter galloping through this zone until May 25, 2024, the “dynamics duos” part of your brain is lit up like Times Square. And with the “I need it yesterday” Sun in your goal zone, you may be feeling both internal and external pressure to figure out where a particular connection is going.

What would be most helpful now would be to very candidly assess your personal motivation. If you’re in an LTR, are you trying to speed up a timeline in a moment of insecurity? Or do you have a legit reason to know NOW? Think long and hard before you do anything rash because pushing an agenda won’t necessarily advance it. If anything, it might have the reverse effect, leaving your love interest feeling stressed and annoyed. This is true in both the romantic and the business realms. We’re not saying waiting will be easy (especially for your sensitive sign), but good things do come to Scorpios who wait.

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